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Notes from the IB Coordinator:

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,
One of the most rewarding parts of my job as IB Coordinator is seeing the faces of the students who complete their IB testing each May. This is not only because I have been staring at those faces for, literally, an entire month as I proctor exams, but because it represents the completion of very rigorous course of study and theachievement of something very special. The pride on the student’s faces is absolutely priceless and makes the perfect end to an academic year. In order to make this special moment available to more students, we at Thornton High School will be working throughout the summer on a number of initiatives aimed at getting more students to take part in the IB Programs at THS. I would just like to take a minute to highlight a few:

  1. We will be working with the World Languages Department to write two course proposals aimed at getting more students involved in the IB Program. IB Diploma German will be written to give students the opportunity to take the IB German Exam in either their junior or senior year. Additionally, World Languages will also write a proposal to offer Spanish Language A to both juniors and seniors. This will be a very innovative and complex course that will allow students who speak Spanish at a native proficiency level to take two Language A courses, English and Spanish. If granted, Thornton High School would be one of four schools in the entire country to offer Spanish A.
  2. Ms. Galipault will be continuing to meet with teachers and administrators in preparation for over 450 student completing Personal Projects next year. While some of the structures will be slightly tweaked from previous years, the spirit and rigor of the project will remain.
  3. Brad Peer will continue to work with the Business Department in preparation for IB Business and Management to be offered in the fall for the first time. This course will be an elective open to Certificate and full Diploma students. Brad is a former Colorado Business Teacher of the Year award winner and we could not be more excited about this opportunity for our students.
  4. Beginning in the fall of 2013, virtually all 11th graders will be taking either IB SL or HL World Literature. The demands of the Common Core curriculum and district standards alignment, along with serious selfstudy by the English Department, have led us to conclude that the demands of the IB Literature course are appropriate and worthy of study by all students at THS in the upper grades. This move represents a huge opportunity to show our community that all students can be successful in an IB Diploma course.
  5. Lastly, we will begin to explore grade and academic reporting structures that bring us in alignment with our IB middle schools for further implementation in 2014-2015. As the district moves towards a system of grading for learning, we at THS will be working to ensure that this move aligns with the work done in the IB continuum and parents receive feedback based both on district standards and IB criterion.

There is no doubt it will be a busy but productive summer. We look to hit the ground running in mid-August, both recharged and refreshed for another exciting year. In closing, I would like to write a special thanks to the parent volunteers, especially Anne Lundstrom, who not only contributed so much to aid our students in their exam process this year, but helped me; keep a bit of sanity in a very long testing process. I cannot thank you enough.


Michael Pettersch
IB Coordinator THS

Notes from the MYP Coordinator


Links to MYP Documents:

Abby Galipault - MYP Coordinator - Summer 2013

Congrats to MYP graduates!

We had such fun at our 2013 MYP Graduation themed “King of the Nerds!” Over 100 students from Geneva core, family members, and friends attended the celebration. Most of the sophomore grads participated in games like tissue blowing, trivia, and LARP (Live Action Role Play). These games were creatively designed by IB freshmen and IB Junior Conner Driver. The IB Parent Group supplied food and refreshments and we thank you!

This was the largest MYP sophomore class yet, and over 80 students will continue their work towards the IB Diploma next year. The students who are not continuing into the full Diploma Program are still taking many IB classes over the next two years. We are so proud of this group not only because of the hard work they put forth academically, but also the growing respect and friendship they have towards each other.

A special thank you goes to all these students’ teachers especially Ms. Smith, Mr. Morgan, Ms. Putsche, and Mr. Pettersch who helped organize the event and read names during the ceremony.

Students who received the MYP Certificate of Achievement include:

Neriah Abeyta
Freddie Aguilar
Arik Ahluwahlia
Ryan Akoto
Amninder Bajwa
Brendon Beneke
Joey Belich
Rachael Botello
Shelby Brizzalora –Dove
Maivy Bui
Taylor Cain
Raina Castaneda
Lee Cervantes
Ashleigh Chavez
Sheunhai Chongtoua
Jacob Clauson
Allegra Collette
Xan Cordova
Allison Dean
Oscar Delgado
Darleni Diaz
Yesleni Diaz
Omar Eguino-Silvas
Eduardo Escobar
Alexandria Espinoza-Garcia
Mikayla Findley
Michael Flores
Kelsey Gabler
Stephen Gardner

Eric Ha
Alexander Ho
Wayne Hose
Miranda Hunter
Isabel John
Amber Johnston
Jonathan Joseph
Joshua Joseph
Erica Katz
Jake Keithley
David Kinch
Taylor King
Eddie Love
Saige Mabbut – Wing
Caitlyn Maddy
Danielle Martinez
Sylvester Martinez
Darlene Masterson
Raymond McCracken
Darya Menshina
Elijah Miscles
Judge Mueller
Deisy Munoz Viesca
Richard Norval
Alex Newman
Hoai Nguyen
Monique Nguyen
Jordan Norman

Megan Pannell
Mackenzie Patrick
Ashleigh Peterson
Kalisha Phaiboun
Chi Pham
Aaron Phillips
Deric Pontious
Lina Quintero Segura
Allison Rodenbaugh
Kennedy Schade
Samantha Sella
Armandon Solis
Caleb Stoops
Asiah Stutz
Jevon Sutton
Zachary Sutton
Wen Kang Tan
Jonathan Tejada
Jasmine Torres Borjas
Dally Tram
Zach Troussel
Kendra Trinh
Sabrina Trujillo
Angela Van
Brendon Vu
Nulong Vue
Holly Vuong
Hannah Waldman

Personal Project
During the late season snowstorm on Wednesday May 1st, Thornton High School hosted over 90 Personal Project presentations. Project topics this year ranged from cooking and writing to construction and health. The top projects really exemplified the commitment students had to thinking and evaluating their goals and actions throughout the process. It was amazing to see the maturity and growth from each student in their learning and reflecting. I was so impressed with the variety of personal topics and proud of what the students learned about themselves.

During the last two weeks of school I met with students in each freshmen core to introduce the Personal Project for next year. Students may start planning their project, but bulk of the work which includes defining a goal, creating an action plan, and finding a supervisor will occur once we return to school in August. We are hoping that more teachers not only at THS but also at Century MS and The International School at Thornton Middle will help supervise students next year. Instead of 105 students participating in the Personal Project we plan to have roughly 470 students participating next year!!


Galipault’s personal project status:

Wow! Actually doing the personal project is harder than it seems. Walking up the stairs to the library to see Mrs. McCloskey is not really a challenge, but finding time to discuss the project is. As for my process journal entries I have three, but they are detailed with my plan of action, some research, and challenges I am facing. I did make my plan of action which is very helpful for me to organize my thoughts. Here it is below just like what the students have to create.

Topic/Essential Question

Goal of Personal Project



Outcome or Product

How can I help students and staff reduce stress and anxiety in their lives through learning yoga?

I want to examine how I might structure a course to provide basic information to students and staff at Thornton High School about how yoga can be used to reduce stress and anxiety. This is inspired by years of yoga practice.

Based on researching the benefits of yoga to meet Thornton High School community needs the workshops will:
 Communicate the benefits of yoga
 Provide practices for students and staff to meet needs related to stress and anxiety.
 Total eight hours as required by Yoga Fit. Each workshop will be divided within the eight hours.
 be appropriate to target audience.

I plan to use the focus of community and service to research the benefits of yoga and how it works for a variety of audiences. Research how to devise a basic course and what the main elements should be.
Design the course.
I will deliver the workshops and evaluate what people learned and if it helped reduce stress and anxiety.

Several introductory yoga workshops divided over eight hours.

Community Service Reminder!

Sophomore hours due Friday April 12, 2013.
Freshmen hours due Friday May 10, 2013.
All independent hours can be logged through the IB page on the school website ib.adams12.org.

Steps to access the community service log:

    • Go to the THS website: www.thorntonh.adams12.org
    • Click Academics
    • Click International Baccalaureate
    • Click Community Service Log on Google Docs
    • Fill out and submit!!

No log in or special password is required.


Abigail Galipault
MYP Coordinator THS

IBSU Notes From Brenna Cer:

Iron Chef Finale 2013

On April 24th 3 student teams took on a faculty team comprised of Mr. Terrell, Ms. Barnes, Mrs. Sabre and Mrs. Pettersch in a battle of culinary wits. In the end, by a mere 5 points the teacher team edged out the 9th grade team led by Ms. Thurber to take home the first ever Iron Chef Trophy! It was truly our best year of food, so congratulations go to all teams for their awesome showing!!! We can’t wait to see what students come up with next year to take on the teachers once again!!!

Kudos are richly deserved by the planning committee for their hard work and dedication in planning these
events throughout the year! Bravo!!

Cans for Hope

We held our final can drive of the school year on May 4th. IBSU would like to thank the community for
supporting our efforts! We are so proud to share that over the course of the year we recycled over 1100
pounds of cans between our can drives and the recycling program at the school which equates to $750 earned
for Cans for Hope! That combined with the $500 we raised at the movie festivals and through Iron Chef means
that we have donated $1250 to help support the recovery of victims of sex trafficking and abuse. Thank you!!!

Picasso Cakes

The IB Spanish 4 class tackled the annual challenge of recreating Picasso in the medium of cake. As you can see, a good time was had by all and we have some very talented cake artists!!!!! (see Freeze Frame for pictures).


CAS NOTES From Brenna Cer

The class of 2014 was asked to submit their CAS work that they had done during the year for review and
feedback. Those students who turned in their reflections received personal feedback from Mrs. Cer with
advice on how to proceed and things to work on. Those students who did not turn in their CAS work missed a
valuable opportunity to check in and know how they are doing. The next opportunity for feedback will be in the
fall. For information regarding CAS, please visit Mrs. Cer’s website:

The class of 2015 has received their introduction to the magical world of CAS this week. In order for them to
be able to start CAS in the fall, they will need to make sure they return their contract to Mrs. Cer and complete the CAS plan template before August 10, 2013. All information regarding CAS can be found on Mrs. Cer’s website: https://sites.google.com/a/adams12.org/the-land-of-cas/

More IB AND MYP Info for the Summer!!!

Please see the PDF Document for MYP IN ACTION for this summer!

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IBO Mission Statement

The International Baccalaureate Organization aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

To this end, the IBO works with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

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